Case Studies


Scott - August 2015

“I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support that you provided for both the boys. Without your help and encouragement the boys wouldn’t have completed their exams as enthusiasm had dwindled but your positive attitude and gentle persuasion was enough to get them through their courses and get the grades they needed to move on to college.”

Linda Brown - Team Leader Shenfield High School

“In my capacity as the Team Leader for Interventions, Alternative Pathways and Outreach at Shenfield High School, I have worked closely with Debbie Wilson for over two years. She has supported a number of our students, some of whom have serious health and wellbeing needs, and others who present extremely challenging behaviours.


I have always found her to be incredibly supportive and inclusive of all students. As a Child Protection Officer she is a consummate professional who takes her role very seriously, and equally, she treats individuals as just that, demonstrating sensitivity and care for all her students.

She has formed entirely bespoke education packages for a number of students displaying a variety of needs. She has an innate ability to recognise how and why young people struggle in a mainstream educational setting, and to find a supportive package that works in order to help them to achieve their true potential. She does not give up on any student.

As well as working closely with our students and my team, she also works closely with our parents. They can see her determination and drive to support young people in all that they do. Parents have complete trust in her ability to deliver on her promises.

On a personal level, Debbie has been a great source of support to me. When called upon she has been able to put together proposals at very short notice and also to act on highly confidential information quickly and in a sensitive manner.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Linda Brown

Team Leader – Intervention, Alternative Pathways & Outreach, Shenfield High School

Tony Dyer - Education Manager, PeoplePlus

“Julie Welham is an experienced and well respected education practitioner who over the years has improved the lives of young people through a sound understanding of curriculum management, multi-agency working, Ofsted inspections and working with disadvantaged young people.

Julie has excellent curriculum development knowledge and is experienced in producing curriculums that meet the needs of the individual. The management of these curriculum is also a skill of Julies and has seen her working with partner agencies to tailor delivery, providing a holistic approach to learning.

Julie has been involved in several Ofsted inspections and has been able to provide a clear explanations to inspectors so that they can make informed decisions on their findings. Julie has been involved in several Ofsted inspections over the years within offender learning where the establishment has obtained a continuous Grade 2 judgement across all of the inspection criteria.

Julies work with disadvantaged young people has not been restricted to the classroom. Julie has also been proactive in developing an individual’s personal behaviour and thinking skills. Julie has ensured that the learning journey the young people have followed is both meaningful and worthwhile, allowing them to become better members of society.”

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Tony Dyer

Education Manager, PeoplePlus