Future Gateways is keen to work in partnership with other Alternative Providers to raise the standards of services offered. The following consultancy packages can greatly improve the quality and experiences of the services that are offered to both schools and students.

Future Gateways believe that partnership working is key if we are to continue to raise standards of services available to both schools and students

The following packages are aimed at improving the Quality Assessment Processes and Procedures in Teaching and Learning.

Quality Assessment Processes and Procedures including:

  • Teaching and learning observations carried out by experienced quality observer.
  • Staff training in observation processes.
  • Templates for recording observations including peer observations and ten minute observations

Inspection packages include support and training in processes to inform your quality Improvement Planning.

Internal audit processes and procedures:

  • Training in audit processes in line with Common Inspection Framework.
  • Quality Improvement Planning including templates for recording your plan and instructions for process and review.
  • Quality Calendar including template for recording annual quality calendar
  • Templates and instructions to achieve outcomes to improve quality processes.

In addition we can offer packages to support awarding body applications for both academic and vocational qualifications.

Support with centre approval applications:

  • Completion of centre approval documentation and preparation of centre documentation required to achieve centre approval.

Further packages offer support to improve the Quality Assessment and Moderation processes for delivery of accredited programmes.

Assessment and moderation:

  • Assessment and moderation of programmes from fully qualified assessor/moderator.
  • Assignment Brief design to meet awarding body specifications.
  • Assessment Process handbook for staff.
In addition we can deliver training work-shops in the following areas:

  • Behaviour management within the classroom
  • Conflict resolution within the classroom
  • Student disciplinary processes and code of conduct

For further details and to enquire about our bespoke consultancy packages