About us

Future Gateways is a new charitable trust offering Alternative Education to young people to help secure their future. So often young people struggle with the education system and this means that their prospects for achieving qualifications, social skills and future employment are much lower than those fully engaged in standard mainstream education. Future Gateways aim is that all young people are given the opportunity to achieve qualifications and gain the valuable skills and prospects that they need to succeed in the future.

Our vision is to promote a safe, positive and structured environment in which young people can grow both emotionally and academically

Through many years of combined experience, we know that the key to long term success for young people is achieved by listening to everyone involved. This ensures that we are putting together a programme that meets each students specific needs. This ethos forms the basis of a positive transition into the world of alternative education.

Our vision is to promote a safe, positive structured environment in which young people can grow both emotionally and academically. We believe that this is attained initially by setting both clear boundaries and strong support mechanisms. Academic success is achieved by differentiation in lessons, adaption of delivery styles and through the use of contextualised learning. Our class sizes are small to enable students to gain the support that they need.

Future Gateways aims to deliver outstanding customer services to schools with daily attendance registers, weekly updates and bi annual reports on each student referred to us to ensure that you are fully aware of attainment and progress.

Debbie Wilson – Director of Development
I began my career within alternative education almost 10 years ago. I started working with young people in a supporting role holistically with the teaching staff, parents, employers and other professionals. My aim was to ensure that all elements of a student’s programme was combined, to give them every opportunity available to enable them to grow in confidence, whilst achieving qualifications and the relevant skills to take with them into the world of work and a successful future. This experience enabled me to understand fully the needs of both schools and students and how best to ensure that this holistic vision is delivered in partnership for all young people in need.

Contact Debbie:  Debbie.Wilson@futuregateways.co.uk

Julie Welham – Director of Teaching & Learning
I have been working with young people for over 20 years, so bring a wealth of experience. I started working with young offenders aged 14 – 18 years old teaching Business Studies in 1994. I have worked in colleges and alternative education provisions both teaching and managing teachers and facilities. I recognised very quickly that no matter what the circumstances young people find themselves in, this should not shape their entire future. My passion to inspire young people to achieve qualifications, recognise their own potential and learn new skills remains the same. My goal is that all young people progress and grow into confident and able young adults with the ability to achieve their goals.

Contact Julie: Julie.Welham@futuregateways.co.uk