In our experience Future Gateways knows that supporting young people into positive pathways begins at home. We have therefore created our support for parents’ programmes that will be available during various points in the year. The programmes will be delivered by both highly experienced internal staff with outside agency support.

Courses for parents ensure a successful outcome for the whole family

These programs are available to parents/carers/guardians of students registered to Future Gateways free of charge.

Workshops for parents include

  • Setting boundariesThe importance of setting boundaries and how this impacts on their child’s learning
  • Building relationshipsTo improve social inclusion and how to improve prospects to work
  • Conflict resolutionHow to resolve conflict and improve relationships
In addition, we will be offering a limited number of courses to parents in core subjects, aimed at refreshing basic skills in English and Maths as well as additional employability workshops which will include:

  • Interview skills Including role play and skills to improve performance and gain confidence
  • C.V. writingDesign, layout and creation of CV
  • Job researchUnderstanding sectors and job roles

For further details and to enquire about our courses for parents